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I attended for the first time in my life, the Threshers Reunion
at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa in September 1972. I was so impressed! So, I
went again this year, September 2, 1973. I took along a picture
postcard that I had of my great grandfather’s outfit in
Nebraska, used around Axtell, Minden and Holdridge, Nebraska. I
searched for an outfit like my picture, but could find none. I
talked to three men who appeared to know the business, even
consulted others, and their conclusion was that this outfit was an
early Advance Strawburner and about a 30 HP and a large outfit.

My great grandfather left Illinois (Keithsburg) in 1882 and he
died in 1912. He was retired at the time of his death and living at
Axtell. His name was John P. Johnson and he was married in Sweden
to Eva Storm. They came to America to Keithsburg in 1876 where he
had relatives, then went to Nebraska in 1882 where his wife’s
sister and other relatives lived. I do not know when he acquired
this outfit, or if he bought it new or used. I do not know which
year the original picture was taken, but I’d guess the early

The threshermen at Mt. Pleasant advised me to send you a picture
for your ALBUM and that you would date the age of the machine (year
made) and the make, which they thought was an Advance, but one
fellow said it might be an Aultman-Taylor. They also said they have
none of the strawburners at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

Do you know where any strawburners are, such as in museums, etc.
in this area? I’d sure like to see one.

My father was a tool and die maker for A very Tractors (1904 to
1939 when he died). However, my great grandfather, mentioned above,
was on my Mother’s side of the family. Nevertheless, I was
interested in all the steam engines and tractors at Mt. Pleasant as
were our grandchildren. That’s the reason I had more pictures
of the strawburner made, so they would each have one.

(If anyone can give any information concerning the above
article, Mrs. Keithley will be quite appreciative. – Anna Mae)

  • Published on Sep 1, 1974
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