| January/February 1953

August 7, 1952 found a bright Kansas sun shining at the Joyland Park, Wichita, and on a collection of antique tractors that had been assembled for this meet from many miles around. Not all were in the 'pink' of condition but if they each had a little 'time to talk could no doubt paint a vivid picture of their bright birthday colors and would also inject into this report many tales of long and faithful service.

However, the tales soon began to appear as the threshermen began to swap stories. And what thresherman can't swap a dozen stories in 30 minutes?

That Kansas sun also found a 'new' object on the grounds. New to the extent that this act had never been staged since the Case Company discontinued it in the early 20's when the gas tractor began to overrun the priaries. It was the Incline. Built by the members of the association to the exact specifications found in a 1906 Case Field Facts catalog, and what a sight! Especially if one had never seen it before. This incline has a 12 foot rise in 21 feet. Or in other words the night angle of this triangle has legs 12 feet and 21 feet.

At 11 A. M., a whistle blast by Geo. Arnett and the little 6 hp. Nichols and Shepard signaled the opening of the meet, together with a prayer led by Rev. Elmer Ritzman. Then the little Nichols and Shepard started the 20 inch hand fed Case thresher and the music was on.

E. C. (Big Mac) McMillan of Hoisington, Kansas, was grooming his trusty 40 Case in the Shade of the trees for a try at the big hill. Many remarks were heard about this incline. Soon 'Big Mac' was ready to 'get the feel' of his engine on this boardwalk and after a few thrilling moments the Case and Eagle Mac were on top. A roar went up from the crowd and the famous Case stunt was re-born.

Soon the 36x60 Rumely thresher was in motion. Later the engines were taking their turns tugging at the Prony brake.