Second Reunion of the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

On a beautiful fall day in 1951, the second Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association took place in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

| November/December 1951

The second reunion of the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association, Inc., of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, has passed into history and certainly made history.

We literally turned the clock back about 75 to 100 years. If Rip Van Winkle could have walked into McMillan Park on Tuesday morning, September 25, 1951 he would have thought he had just taken a short morning nap instead of his fabled long sleep, as he would have surely been amid familiar surroundings and surrounded by things familiar to his time, even to the axe on the wood pile, which no doubt would have caused him to rub his eyes, yawn and lie down under the beautiful and stately elms that grace McMillan Park to finish his morning nap.

It rained some Tuesday morning and our spirits were about as low as the overhead clouds but by midafternoon it cleared and it was estimated that there were 9,000 to 10,000 people in Mt. Pleasant viewing the wonderful display of steam engines, separators, antique farm machinery, and the old settlers relics in the shelter house.

Wednesday morning dawned clear and pleasant except a high wind from the south, but it was a beautiful fall day such as only Iowa can have, and the kind of a day that makes one feel glad to be alive. It was estimated that fully 12,000 to 14,000 visitors came in that day.

Thursday came in with a cold north wind that was very disagreeable and kept many persons away. It was a day such as only Iowa can have when the weatherman is in a bad mood, but in spite of the cold wind fully as many persons came as were present on the first day. It was estimated there were at least 25,000 to 27,000 people in attendance during the three days.

An actual count at the East Gate showed that in a little over an hour cars from 52 of the 99 Iowa counties passed into the park, and cars from 12 different states and one each from Ontario and Saskatchewan, Canada, came to our reunion. This was on Thursday afternoon.