3520 W. 12th Street Indianapolis, Indiana

The second annual reunion of the Pioneer Engineer Club of
Indiana was held at the Rush County Fair Grounds July 29-30,

Four or five years before the formation of this club the
threshermen met once a year under the time honored name of The
Brotherhood of Threshermen, who were then banded together for
business instead of a hobby.

As for the reunion, the members who exhibited their engines and
separators were: Ray Jones, Summan, Ind., 12 hp. Russell built in
1906; Anthony Moorman and Son, Greensburg, R. R. 6, Ind., A. D.
Baker 20 hp. built in 1923, Russell separator 33×54 built in 1929;
Carl McCloud, Amo, Ind., Huber Portable built in 1898 (he re-worked
this portable and made a traction engine out of it. A good job he
did); Nelson Howard, of New Castle, Ind., Case 50 hp. built in
1922: Anthony Hood, Rushville R. D, In.d, Keck-Gonnerman 22 hp.
Double built in 1924, and Keck-Gonnerman separator 32×54 built in

Verl Maple, Rushville R. D., Ind., Frick Double 20 hp. built in
1924; Ralph Shelburne, Zionsville, Ind., Model Advance started at
both ends and finished up in the middle. He said it was an Advance
well it looks like one and is built as sturdy as the Advance is.
Frank Paul, Frankfort, Ind., Model Steam Car, built on a ’41
Chevrolet chassis, upright steam engine in front, upright boiler on
rear needs an engineer and fireman. A nice model well made. Last
but not least, Luther Caldwell, Rushville R. D., Ind., Garr-Scott 8
hp. Portable built in 1878 and still going. Luther is 84 years old
and still enjoys his old Gaar-Scott. He is able to take care of it
and enjoys the reunions.

The different engines took their turns in threshing oats which
was furnished by Lawrence Porter, also some of the engines were
belted to the Prony Brake a demonstration which was enjoyed by the
visitors very much.

The club is young and expects to put on a much better and larger
show next year. ‘An Old Thresherman Never Dies, He Just Fades

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