Farm Collector

Second Show

3746 Winter Garden Road Orlando, Florida 32805

Central Florida’s 2nd Annual Steam and Gas Show was held on
the grounds of the Oderkirk Museum, mile north of Haines City,
Florida, on US 17-92 on March 13, 14, 15, this year. I went on the
13th, because less people would be there that day. And, Skeptics,
don’t tell me that the 13th isn’t unlucky: I ran out of
gas, miles from nowhere! And look what happened to Apollo 13!

At this show we were greeted by a tooting little train, smoking
at the stack and steaming at the whistle! Wonderful for kids! From
one to seventy! Oh, well, make it a hundred!

This is a new show, and folks are just finding where it is! But
it’s easy to find. And you don’t get run down in 4 and 6
lane traffic finding it!

Yes, it’s got steam and gas engines. And more of them will
be there in the following years. But it’s got something the
other fellows haven’t: It’s got a Museum what am. And the
ladies will go nuts over it! I almost did, but I didn’t have my
flash lamp along, and had to use a tripod while I was being
trampled underfoot! Much different next year!

And the more power to you! (Maybe I’d better keep some of it
for myself!)

  • Published on Nov 1, 1970
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