| May/June 1985

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The following story by Chuck Thompson is reprinted with permission from the Forsyth County News, Cumming, Georgia.

Unlike other custom built car owners, Harley Sutton, of Cumming, isn't accustomed to hearing the 'wows' and 'ohs' of teenagers viewing his 'pride and joy' at car shows.

He's more likely, by his own confession, to hear things like, 'What in the world is that?' According to Sutton, some folks say they've never seen anything like it before, while others just stand around with their mouths hanging open.

Only the old-timers know what 'Shalda' is. That's because some of the parts that went to make up this multi-passenger vehicle, like the 1921 Hercules engine which powers it, were in use before some of us were born. Its unusual title was derived from the names of Sutton's three grandchildren, Shane, Allen and Dawn Dyer.

Despite what anyone says, however, Shalda continues to win awards, averaging more than two a year since it was built in 1975.

Just recently, Sutton came home from the World of Wheels Show, in Atlanta, with the 18th addition to his trophy collection--first place in the antique category. Last year, Shalda claimed second place in the show's antique category, and another first place trophy the year before that.