Shenandoah '78

| July/August 1979

Seaside Heights, New Jersey 08751

The Shenandoah Valley Steam and Gas Engine Association held its annual show at the Ruritan Club show grounds in Berryville, Virginia as usual, the last weekend in July. However, there was one big difference this year, and that was the weather. After several years of good luck, this year our biggest day, Sunday, came out weather-1, show-0.

Our first day, Friday went off fairly well, with Frank Anderson and his crew getting the threshing and sawmills ready, while Paul Giles got the shingle mill operating, and the other exhibits set up. Most of the last minute hauling was completed and the engines were fired up by their respective owners and engineers. Our engines consisted of Geiser, Case, Frick, and Russell, along with models and homemade engines of various sizes and styles.

The flea market was in operation as usual, with both sales booths and craft displays set up both inside and outside our 3 large buildings. Our gas tractor display was made up of many makes this year, all operating at one time or another. The small gas engines were popping and missing as usual, with many actually belted up to antique machinery of the type they were originally designed to power. Among the makes of large gas tractors on display were Hart-Parr, Moline, Fordson, International, John Deere, and many more. Mrs. Schaefer was at her book and novelty stand taking subscriptions to the many magazines, and the Ruitan Club was providing their fine food as usual. Of course, the model engine building was filled, both with gas and steam engine models.

Mr. E. J. Hottel of Haymarket, Virginia gives some of our young visitors a ride on his fine Geiser 'Peerless' engine at the 1978 Shenandoah Valley Steam show, Berryville, Virginia

Saturday was a good day, but a bit threatening at times. The sawmill and threshing machines were in operation, along with the shingle mill, and many more exhibits, including the antique power parade, rides, and other demonstrations. One of the favorites was the demonstration of hauling logs by oxen. This has been a part of our show for a couple of years now and has been very popular. It is seldom today that you can see a team of oxen actually at work.