| September/October 1982

September-October issue already?? Yep! By the time this magazine arrives there will be many children already outfitted with their new duds for school and anticipation runs high as they try and guess who the home room teacher will be and which friends got in whose class and on and on remember? Not much different from the days we went to school. But, one thing about it, it still is summer and still some vacation time, so go ahead and savor every last free summer day and its enjoyable memories. And if you are attending the shows to make some memories, please don't forget to share them with me. I'll be waiting for your letters.

With our first letter, perhaps someone could help on the knowledge of two steam boats as ALLARD M. PETERSON, Route 1, Eland, Wisconsin 54427 writes: 'I write to you because your location in the Eastern United States may be reason for someone in the Adirondack region of New York State to read this letter.

'In the year 1878 a little girl was born in Schroon Lake, New York on the banks of that lake. She lived there until she had reached the age of ten years, when because of her mother's illness they moved westward. Really when they settled in central Wisconsin, the climate was very much the same as they had left.

'On Schroon Lake a small steamboat made regular trips from the railhead at the foot of the lake, up the long slim lake to villages along the lake, which in season were resort towns at the time.

'This boat, the Effingham plied the lake for many years until other modes of transportation became better. Just when she started and when she finished I do not know, and would like to. An old time engineman, I would like to know details of her power until and so forth.

'To the eastward, lay a small lake, and here they used a very small steamboat called the Thayandenega or some such name which pulled rafts of logs. Its date may not have quite corresponded with the Effingham, but almost. Of course I would like to know all about it. I have a couple pictures of the Effingham, and of course the little girl who later was my mother, and still a bit lonesome for her childhood home, told me tales of the Effingham. Wilson Murdock, who was at one time Postmaster at South Schroon, still lives on the old Murdock Homestead in retirement with his wife, Edith. So, if anyone knows a bit about the Effingham or the Thayandenega, and would like to share the knowledge, write me and we can become acquainted.' (If you hear from any of the IMA family please let us know what you find out, perhaps a few stories intertwined with the pictures you have that would be interesting.)