| May/June 1977

HI! Isn't it great to have the wonderful season of Spring? Bet you have your gardens all planted and have already forgotten the bad winter

Had been wondering if any of you ever listen to the 700 Club comes out of Philadelphia station on TV. It's quite inspiring! Well, I recently had the letter that comes out every now and then from Pat Robertson (who is the head of 700 Club). He had a lot to say but I just want to give you a little of letter contents: 'Questions are asked about the freak weather this winter. Drought is fast turning California into a disaster area, while the Midwest and East recover from Artie cold and massive snow.

For a brief period, factories were closed, economic life halted, agriculture demoralized, and government taken by surprise. This winter could well serve as God's warning to the United States that all our might is helpless to stand against even a minor shift in the wind. Where would our greatness be if God truly turned His hand against us?

It is doubtful if this winter will make any long-term impact on us--either economically or spiritually. People never seem to learn spiritually from short-term trouble. Like Pharoah of Egypt, as soon as the plague is over, they harden their hearts and go back to their old ways. They will not learn that God's kindness, coupled with His warnings, are meant to lead them to permanent repentance.

1977 will be a year of unciertainity in the world. It will be a year of unusual prosperity, but people will refuse to believe it. It will seem too good to be true. In fact, this year may be the time of lull before some serious economic storms.

It will be a great year to do something significant in God's service' - and he goes on but I think it is well worth thinking very seriously about What will you do? and how will you respond to God's call this year? and have you or will you accept His Son as is pointed out to us so many times in the Bible as the only way to eternal life which can begin the moment you accept???? Try it, it's great!