| September/October 1982

Rushville's Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana had a beautiful year for our steam show. The weatherman cooperated perfectly and we had a large crowd all three days.

Jerry Moorman kept the sawmill running almost constantly with one steam engine after the other for his power. Lawrence Porter threshed wheat twice each day with his Gaar Scott outfit. This is the first year we have had this feature at our show. Lawrence has been working for two years to get the separator so he would have a complete outfit. He now has the Gaar Scott engine and separator and this is a very nice looking display for our club.

Bill Stahl and Denis Schrank crushed stone and made a roadbed and along would come the steam roller to roll it down. This demonstration was well received by the crowd.

Many engines were belted up to the Baker fans and they kept the engines barking all day which added atmosphere to the show with lots of black smoke coming from the smokestacks.

The parade was led each day with the Russell steam engine, owned by Bob Hughes, of Bloomington, Indiana. This engine is 99 years old, built in 1892, and there is quite a story about getting this engine put together again. Bob had to find parts in other states and wait until he could get them for one reason or another to put it all together but now it is a beautiful engine, all restored and ready for show.

The Cross-Motor Case tractor, owned by James Kelly of Zionsville, Indiana, led the tractor section of the parade and this tractor adds much to our show. There were over 100 tractors this year and these were used for the Antique Tractor Pull for Friday evening. Marion Liggett and his brother handled the tractor pull and it was enjoyed by all with everyone wanting to do it again next year.