| September/October 1977

We thought the Iron-Men readers would be interested to know that there is going to be another new show this year.

Early this spring a group of men who were interested in the preservation of antique farm equipment and power joined together to form The Northern Indiana Historical Power Association. We are planning to have our first of many shows to come on September 3, 4, and 5. The show will be located at the Porter County Fair Grounds in Valparaiso, Indiana.

At our show, we plan to have several large steam traction engines, gas engines, tractors, oil pulls, horses, a saw mill, baker fan and a flea market. Our show will be a working show with demonstrations going on all day long. There will be something of interest to everyone and if you want to join in, we will guarantee to supply all the blisters you want.

We certainly hope to see some of the Iron-Men readers come to our show. If anyone would like to have more information, you can write to Hugh Hopkins, R. F. D. #2, Box 402, Chesterton, Indiana 46304 or call 219-926-3317.


The Williamsburg Lions Club Gas Engine, Steam and Tractor Show will be meeting for the first time on September 25 at the Williamsburg Lions Club Community Park across from the Williamsburg grain elevator. We wish you great success which will boost you onward to future shows. Three cheers for the Williamsburg Lions Club - have a great time, you all, but keep it down to a roar!