| July/August 1966

Hanover, Pa. R. 2.

'The Maryland Steam Historical Society Show Report'

The Md. Steam Hist. Soc. Inc. held it's 10th. anniversary show Sept. 16, 17, 18, & 19, 1965 at the Arcadia Carnival Grounds, Arcadia, Md.

The show was a success in every way and we were blessed with good weather and good sized crowds were in attendance for all four days of the show.

There were several highlights during this years show: One of these was the dedication of our Society's new flag commemorating our 10th. anniversary, and which will be displayed at our future events; The Flag has a black background with gold overlays of the state flag of Maryland in the upper left hand corner, a steam engine and gasoline engine in the upper R. Hand corner and the name 'The Maryland Steam Historical Society' across the bottom half of the flag; The colors of the State of Maryland Flag which are black and gold are used throughout, making our flag a beautiful display emblem for our shows. We wish to thank Mrs. Mildred Brubaker and all her committee for their excellent efforts in making this fine project possible.

We also had on sale, our 10th. anniversary year book in which were pictures of some of the members engines, pictures of the officers and articles outlining the purpose and history of the club; also there were quite a number of recipes by the ladies of the Society. The book will make a fine collector's item for all who are interested in steam as a hobby.