| November/December 1964

Secretary New Concord, Ohio

The Old Steam and Gas Club held its fourth annual reunion on Thursday, Friday and Saturday-July 30, 31 and August 1, 1964.

No one could have asked for more beautiful weather than that which prevailed during the three days of the show. A conservative estimate of the number of persons who attended the show would place the figure between three thousand and thirty-five hundred, being the largest attendance of the four shows held by the club thus far.

One new feature proved to be very popular. On Saturday evening the ladies of the Bloomfield church served an old fashioned threshers' dinner. Two-hundred seventy-five were served and perhaps another hundred were turned away because no more food was available, the ladies having prepared to serve only two hundred.

Another feature greatly enjoyed was a concert given on Friday evening by the Cambridge barber shop chorus.

Eight engines were in operation on the fans or separators during the show. There were on exhibition two Russells, one Frick, a Huber, a Minneapolis, and a Case. In addition to these, two engines should be mentioned in particular since this was the first year for these engines. O. W. Nichols of Pickerington, Ohio showed his George White engine. This is a Canadian engine and is an excellent show engine and is also in excellent condition. The other engine is a 23-90 Baker engine owned by George Richey. This engine too is in excellent condition and attracted much attention. This engine was purchased new by G. O. Cumins of Hebron, Ohio in 1926. Mr. Cummins sold it in 1928. Mr. Richey purchased it from Ernest Hiler, Shandon, Ohio, a town near Hamilton, Ohio in June of this year. Its number is 17,992.