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The Twelfth Annual American Thresher men Agriculture Power
Program Show as held at the Perry County Fairgrounds,
Pinckneyville, Illinois in August, 19-22.

This was an enjoyable affair with plenty of good steam power
demonstrations such as threshing events with a Case 22 in., a
Harrison 28 in. separator and an old 1880 Case agitator

Steam tractors belted up to power fans, corn sheller, wood saw,
a wood veneer machine and highlighted by an 18 HP
Minneapolis-Moline pulling a twelve bottom 14 in. moldboard plow
around a field several times.

The sweet smell of coal smoke and steam hung in the air as the
big iron giants paraded auspiciously throughout the attractive and
shaded park grounds. The Keck-Gonnerman engines outnumbered all
other makes along with two Harrison Jumbos, an Advance-Rumely, a
Baker, a Minneapolis-Moline, an old Siemer Mill engine, an old
Peerless and several cleverly crafted scaled engines.

Also on display were scores of yesteryear gas and oil burning
tractors and stationary engines. A giant parade of tractor engines
climaxed each day’s activities.

Douglas and Jansen are both directors in the local chapter of
the American Thresher man Association, Inc.

The following letter is from an old friend of the ALBUM. He
would like this letter published and he likes us to print it as it
is. He had written us one in 1966 and he tells us he has had many
requests for another letter of this type with the Lingo and
spelling left as is. I must say I did correct some of the spelling
but left it mostly as it was intended. Hope you enjoy this. I know
not everyone takes to this type of story but then there are quite a
few who get a joy out of a letter as this sometimes.

Don’t think for one minute that is the only way Casey can
spell or write I know better. I feel he is quite educated. He
writes to us a lot of times. So here is Casey’s letter, lingo
and all.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1971
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