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Rt. 1, Otsego, Michigan

I hope its not too late for the 1965 show reports, or too early
for the 66 announcements for I shall attempt to combine the two.
(Combine is a dirty word, should have said ‘thrash’.)
I’m sorry.

We wish to announce that The Michigan Live Steam Club, The Early
Day Gas Engine, and Tractor Club, (of Constantine Mich.) and The
Antique Auto Club. (Coldwater Michigan), will again consolidate
efforts to produce the second Historical Steam, Gas, and Antique
Auto show to be held July 15, 16, and 17, 1966, at the 4H Fair
Grounds in Cold-water, Mich. It is our ambition to elminate errors
of by-gone years, thus establishing a show and reunion that will
become an annual occurance.

The work and planning of the Show Officers was largely
responsible for our first successful efforts. Of course credit is
due everyone who contributed in any way to the many fine displays.
We displayed six model steam traction engines, six of the big
steamers-, Case, Baker, Advance-Rumely, and Port-Huron. To have
picked a winner from among the many splendid antique autos, would
have been difficult indeed. There was a big display of Gas engines,
almost every make, and in fine condition. We had at least eight
gasoline and oil tractors. Among them were the reliable old
Oil-Pulls, all of them in fine condition. A prony brake, two big
fans, a saw mill, two separators, and a pile of straw kept the big
steamers and the Oil-pulls busy. The balancing act was an
attraction and most of the engineers tried their hand at it. In
fact our Engineers, both Steam and Oil are a very sociable group,
as are the owners of the antique autos. All of these men, in a very
agreeable attitude, gave freely of their time and knowledge to any
and all spectators (a pleasant departure from some shows we have
attended). We have moved our show dates into July, to provide
wheat, we expect to ‘thrash two good loads each day. This is
only one of the changes by which we plan to have a more enjoyable
show. A full account of displays and action will be found in our

Food, always an important item at any show or reunion, was
provided by the Granges of the Coldwater area. The concessions were
clean, the food wholesome, very ably prepared, and reasonably
priced. We shall arrange to have the same ‘set-up’ for our
’66 show.

  • Published on Sep 1, 1966
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