Show Report.....Pioneer Steam & Gas Engine Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania

| March/April 1975

401 Bank Street, Titusville, Pa. 16354

We waited a whole year for the Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Show which is a must in our lives. On Wednesday, the 19th, we moved our camper to our camping lot and set everything up. We took our booth under the grandstand Thursday morning. We put up the display panels and put out some engine magazines. Some shelves were put up for an attractive and interesting display.

Thursday the fellows were moving in machinery all day and it still looked like a small show, in spite of a quantity of advertising. The Ladies Auxiliary opened up their food stand so the set-up people could get something to eat. This proved to be a great contribution to the show.

Friday we were out early to see how the show looked to start. Some fifteen or twenty campers had parked near ours and many near their engines and flea market spaces. Things really looked good with about eight big steamers, a sawmill, a couple of threshers, a treadmill, a baler, a sweep power, a ground hog thresher, a baker fan, a shingle mill, some twenty or thirty small engines and near twenty gas tractors.

The small passenger train was set up. The model tent was set up in the midway area and space roped off for the antique cars. At opening time over thirty flea market spaces were filled. The two parades, afternoon and evening, were very nice with a great many entries.

In its new position the model tent was soon filled with fine models in operation, showing some of the finest workmanship skilled hands can produce. A quarter scale steamer operating a model baker fan, also several larger models were displayed outside the model tent.