Farm Collector


RD4, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The Langdon Corner Show which is held on the Taylor farm was an
extra good show this year and was rewarding to the members as all
our hard work was really appreciated by the fine attendance this
year -August 12 & 13.

We had about 25 engines operating this year and it really was a
lot of pre-show work to get everything running and organized.
However, there is a good crew of men and everyone did his share
without growling too much.

This year we had an extra steamer. It was 65 h.p. case and a
welcome addition.

We had parking space for trailers and campers and if I remember
right there were over 30 units. It was like a small city. The show
and events went off well and the weather was with us. WHAT MORE CAN
ONE ASK FOR? Our Langdon Show is getting better every year and of
course this pleases everyone.

The Stewart Show at Maple Creek

Each year on our Labor day weekend I travel Southeast to help a
very good friend John Stewart of Maple Creek. I must say it is also
really getting well organized and the attendance was way up this
year. This year we had five steamers and about 30 gas tractors.
John had built a cook house and the gals really put out some
wonderful food.

John Krill attended both shows with his three inch scale 32
Reeves Cross compound model steamer plus John Stewart’s 65 h.p.
case three inch scale steamer.

This year I really went after the Landgon boys to travel down
and attend the Stewart show and I am glad to say there were about
12 of the boys that showed up. We had a ball. My good pals Leo
Casey, George Dunlap, Wilbur Frew, and Allan Jamieson from Ontario
showed up. All the competitions were run off and George Dunlap and
his boys won the threshing contest with the steamer over the gas
rig. Chet Conaty won the Belting contest. I am sorry to say that I
do not have a list of the rest of the competitors, but I am sure
there will be a report on them later on.

The weather cleared up and really turned out fine. Everything
went like clockwork and I must say that by the smiles, everyone
enjoyed themselves, and of course, the coming year will be bigger
and better.

  • Published on May 1, 1974
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