| September/October 1955

Hubbard Lake, Michigan

Not being able to decipher the code, I am sending my $2.00 as I like to keep paid up a bit ahead, never want to miss a copy. I told you that I was building a steam launch. Full truth is, that I was collecting the many gadgets needed for one which I now have, but now my hobbyist friends, want boilers like pictures enclosed, but larger, so my boiler lays there unfinished. Oh! well, it is good clean fun and I meet fine men even though our friends (non-steam lovers) believe that we are slightly cracked.

I have two fine steam launch engines, a single and a double, and a fussy little two-thirds hp. power double oscillator. I made the last named one that is why it's fussy.

Best regards to all and hope I can meet Rev. Elmer at some of the reunions. I have a Port Huron which I call Old Smoky.