Smith-Porter Portable Steam Engine

| November/December 1968

La Glace, Alberta, Canada

I thought I would send you a couple of pictures from the Pease River country 50 miles from the Mile O post, Alaska Highway.

We bought this old steam engine in 1963. It was pretty rough looking, but being old steam engineers ourselves, we fixed it up and painted it. We had the boiler inspector out and he inspected it. He gave us 100 lbs. He says it is in remarkable shape.

It is a 1905 American Able or some call it the Cock of the North. This is a picture of Aronold Christianson, front, and me, Fred Toeter.

This is another picture of the 1905 American Able taken one Sunday in 1964.

I notice the estimated age of the Smith-Porter portable steam engine on pages 25-26-27 of January & February 1967 issue of Iron Men Album is several years short of what the builder's plate showed when 1 photographed it years ago.