Smoke & Gas Fumes


| July/August 1962


Primghar, Iowa

1921 Bought Western Sheller I bought a medium sized Western cylinder Sheller on Nov. 30, 1921, from Albert Schroeder, made by Union Iron Works, Decatur, Ill. for $250. It was a simple Sheller and required little repairs and repairing. I built my own special drags which were carried on side of Sheller. I used this Western Sheller and Parrett until Dec, 1929 7 years service. It shelled 402,272 bu.

1922 Sold Spring Sheller Spring Sheller's were in demand because they did not break up cobs. By 1922, this attitude changed. I sold the spring Sheller to John Jochums in January of 1923 for $140. It was in fine shape. So, after 5 years of service it brought within $60 of what I paid for Sheller and engine in 1918. It shelled 221,260 bu.

1922 Sold 12 HP. Portable Gas Engine Cannot recall who bought it or for how much.

1923 I built a 40' by 68' machine shed with a 20' by 40' shop, in which I did much custom repairing and welding for 30 years1924-1953.

1927 Bought a large size Western Sheller for speculation from Pedelty Thresher Co. on Sept. 13, 1927, for $350 and sold it to Alfus Manco, Bigelow, Minnesota, for $425.