| September/October 1958

  • 36 inch Minneapolis Separator
    Mr. Ed. Held, England, North Dakota, sends us this picture of his 20-70 Nichols & Shepard pulling a 36 inch Minneapolis separator. The engine is No. 13138. He wants to know if there is a 35 hp. Minneapolis engine left in the U. S. He also owns an 80 hp. C

  • 36 inch Minneapolis Separator

621 Hazelton Street Flint 3, Michigan

I am sending a picture of 16 hp. Port Huron engine and an A. W. Stevens separator owned and run by A. R. Mitchell near Jackson, Michigan. Next he got a 24 hp. Port Huron which he still has in a sawmill. He also has a large wooden Port Huron thresher in storage.

The engine shown in the picture was made right after the company moved to Port Huron. It used to be the Upton Thresher Company of Battle Creek, Michigan. The plant was located on Jackson Street, right in downtown Battle Creek. The last buildings were torn down a year ago and is now a parking lot.

The Upton Machine Shop used water power from the Kalamazoo River canal running along Monroe Street. Part of the flume is still on the canal.

A man named Arnold turned the machine shop into a grist mill and ground feed for the farmers. This was in operation until a few year ago. The man now lives in Battle Creek as far as I know.

Lea fever and Marsh put the Marsh reverse on Nichols & Shepard engines at first, then they got into a lawsuit and left Nichols & Shepard and went to Upton.