| September/October 1951

913 Dutton, Avenue, San Leandro, Calif.

The following is a re-written letter, sent to the editor of Farm Implement News, a few weeks ago, and is self explanatory. I am adding the last paragraph. perhaps if this misses the waste basket, it might be of interest to many readers of the ALBUM Editor, Farm Implement News, Chicago, Illinois.


When we read your article in Aug. 10, 1950, of Farm Implement News, one would believe that in substance you say C. Aultman and Co., by a reorganization became Aultman and Taylor Mchy. Co. So, let's peep into the past and cheek the records.

Prior to 1863, C. Aultman and Co., located in Canton, Ohio, was building the 'Buckeye', binders., reapers, mowers and other farm tools. In 1863 Cornelius Aultman together with one Lewis Miller (a stockholder-inventor) organized Aultman, Miller and Co., and built a plant in Akron, Ohio. This plant also built 'Buckeye' binders, mowers and other farm tools, continuing in business until 1903, when they went into the hands '' a receiver. In 1911 they were bought out by International Harvester Co.

In 1890 C. Aultman and Co., Canton. Ohio, discontinued buildings all farm machinery, except threshing machines, traction engine and saw mills. In 1893, C. Aultman and Co., went into receivership later re-organizing as Aultman Engine and Thresher Co., and continued in business to about 1910, when we find a concern, The Engine and Machinery Co., advertising that they  now own all patterns, etc., and could make  supply all repairs for machinery formerly built by C. Aultman and Co.