Some Stories Grandfather Told

| January/February 1968

Rt. 1, Box 16, New Castle, Wyoming 82701

I first heard of your wonderful magazine in the fall of 1964 and subscribed immediately. I was very lucky from then on because I got all the rest of the issues from No. 1 on from Mr. Howard Moyer of Cheyenne, Wyoming, so now I have the complete set.

Although I can't qualify as being a thresherman, an old timer, at least, I have been threshing since 1946 when I got my first machine, a 28 x 46 Case, and in 1965 I got a real 28 x 46 Red River Special. I have always been crazy about threshers and engines. Last year I threshed 100 acres of wheat and 80 acres of oats.

My good friend, Merle Sissions of Sundance, Wyoming, has a real good 50 Case engine that he completely restored and we threshed with it two years. It is a beautiful engine and Merle is an excellent engineer. Merle also has a model of a 65 Case he built, a real wonderful model. Although I am not an old thresherman, I would like to tell you about my Grandfather.

My Grandfather, Charlie Miller, was an old thresherman. He got a brand new N&S Red River Special in 1914. He threshed in the Four Corners area in the Black Hills for years until 1943 when he died.

Another old timer is Mr. Ep Johnson of Newcastle, Wyoming. He started with a horse power rig and got his first steam rig in 1911, a 50 Case. In 1922 he traded for another 50, the rig for a new thresher in 1929, a model L tractor.