| July/August 1967

411 Ninth Avenue S. W., LeMars, Iowa

Well, time for some more good steam shows and seems as though they are springing up all over the country. One never knew how many of the old steamers there are around. Seems as if a person puts his mind to finding one, a little looking in the right places will turn up an old tractor of either the gas or steam age of a few years ago.

I wish I could think of some of the old times to write about, but I just can't seem to make a story of my recollections of the old times although I never had much to do with steam engines. I did haul bundles for two years to a steam rig and one year to a large Rumely Oil Pull and a large separator. I don't remember the size but I know it was a mighty hungry outfit. It kept 14 bundle teams pretty busy. The other falls I hauled bundles was to a small 22-inch machine and only two bundle teams. That, brother, was work. No rest between loads like with the big rigs; a little rest while maybe one or two loads ahead. We still have a few farmers in these parts that thresh but they are few and far apart.

The Gas Engine Magazine is really wonderful. When I get it, I can't lay it down till I been through it. Keep up the wonderful work. I have about 50 gas engines, one John Deere D. and a 10-20 M. D. I been doing a lot of playing around with. I also have a Massy Harris pony tractor that I do garden work with. I call it my money-making machine.