| March/April 1973

Resident of Antique Acres

Once again it is time for the yearly show report of Antique Acres. As long and deserted as the winters seem to be here at the Acres, the summers prove to be just the opposite. With freezing temperatures still prevalent, the members were unable to move to their summer residence until the latter part of April. But then it was full steam ahead for five unpredictable months.

Standard procedure at the Acres each year is to make the coming show bigger and better than the last. This involves a multitude of decisions; crops, advertising, readying the sound equipment and machinery for the show, lining up the various exhibits, election of officers, and a million and one others, to say the least, that always seem to pop up each day.

The election of officers resulted with Andrew J. Fischels of Waterloo, Iowa, President, Harold Pries of Bremer, Iowa, Vice-President, and Derwood Heine of Bremer, Iowa, Secretary-Treasurer. I'm sure the members all agree that this trio did a superb job.

Mr. Fischel's first order of business was appointing various committees for farm, building and grounds, advertising, parade and PA, show ground layout, and saw mill. This was a new procedure at the Acres and they proved to be a great asset to the club.

Due to conflicting show dates in Iowa and with Labor Day being the last big weekend of the summer for people to travel out of state, it was decided to change the show dates to one week earlier. This was nothing but successful. So much so, that the show will be the same weekend next year. Those dates will be August 23, 24, 25, & 26, 1973.