| May/June 1992

Hi Dear Iron-Men Family! I'm very happy as the mail is coming in now and please don't ever stop I know there are many folks out there who think what they have to offer would not be interesting, or written right or other excuses, but all you have to do is send it in and I'll take care of it. Now, if you don't see your letter right away, just be patient, because I assure you each one will be used. I have never discarded any communication. It definitely will be in the column, if not this one, an upcoming one.

And now to inspire you, a little excerpt from Wellsprings of Wisdom by Ralph L. Woods. I've used many before, and I think they are wonderful, always timely and inspiring. This one is called

A Man's Work

The zealous missionary had been preaching to the inhabitants of a certain town, but seemed not to break through their wall of indifference. His apparent lack of success finally caused him great discouragement; he had gladly given up much to do this work, he had ignored the jibes of friends and the sneers of strangers; and now he was confronted with failure.

He went out into the countryside and sat down by the roadside exhausted, and fell asleep. He dreamed a vision of heaven, a land of contentment, peace and prosperity, and he heard a voice say to him, 'My son, all this is yours.'

And he heard himself reply, 'But Lord, I do not deserve it! My work has been a failure.'