| September/October 1966

  • Soot In The Flues

  • Soot In The Flues

Well, I suppose you are into a busy and HOT summer - did you ever see so much summer all at once?? I am certainly glad there is a swimming pool about two blocks away from here for our children to enjoy - we go once in awhile but actually, for me, it's been too hot to even go to the pool.

Let me see, since last time I chatted with you folks - one big event - Dana graduated from High School and now already has one month of Beauty School in and is well on her way --- we attended piano Recital and Donnie and Keli played a duet - it was really nice, we were quite proud of them, they played 'Bicycle Built For Two' and I think that is a real jolly tune anyhow Tommie is about completely trained (potty) now and every time I'm about to brag about it you know what happens so I'll just say -he's doing pretty good. Big news - we are to be grandparents near the end of the year sometime - isn't that wonderful??? Right now Eddie is taking some graduate work this summer at the college and will teach again in the fall. Of course Kathi won't be teaching this fall, but it won't be long until she will be teaching their own little one many things. and right now we are preparing for Keli's Dance Recital and getting the costumes in shape - it will be lovely I know!

Father and I have been busy just trying to keep pace with all the offspring and getting what work done we can in this hot weather - and I've been trying to do all I can to regain my health - we have run into a few bugaboos but I guess that is par for the course - I'm really coming along quite well and grateful for all improvements and thank you wonderful folks for the cards and letters you've sent me - I appreciate them.

I really do not have any news from letters this time to put in - our mail has been very little these past few months and again I urge you to send in pictures and letters to keep our magazine interesting.

That's it for this time - do be careful in all this heat but have a good time at your get-together's and I'll be writing you next issue.

And remember - Others will follow your footsteps quicker than your advice You will never have a friend if you must have one without fault. You can't get anywhere unless you start. Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.