| May/June 1989

Hi! Well, last year was not too great of a year for us. Ed was in the hospital three times and I was in two times, so we were happy to say good-bye to the year of 1988 and usher in the new year of 1989. HOWEVER near the end of January Ed had another trip to the hospital for 10 days and had a severe heart attack. Not to be outdone, I went in February 16 for 10 days because of congestive heart failure and bronchitis. Enough said! We'll thank you for a little prayer to see us onto some better days. Enough on the morbid side!

I know by now most of you folks are chomping at the bit to get into the upcoming shows and reunions. Finish those touches and be all prepared for one of your best summers ever. Don't forget to write us the interesting things that happen and the fun you have. I'll be looking for the letters.

LEIGH B. DENNISON, Box 873, Delta Junction, Alaska 99737 writes us: 'In the January/February Soot In The Flues column, I see you included a letter from Frank Adams, Box 330, Wabeno, Wisconsin 54566 concerning two Phoenix log haulers in two Wisconsin towns, and a third one reportedly in Iowa.'

'Just thought you might be interested to know that there is a fourth example in the Western Development Museum in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I have no idea if it is in operating condition, but at least, it appears to be complete.'

'Also enjoyed the picture and comments on the Rochfort Bridge. I have admired it since 1956 and have a couple pictures taken from the same place as the one you show. It is difficult to get it all in one picture.'

'Iron-Men Album and Gas Engine Magazine are my favorites of the many magazines I get. Keep up the good work.'