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HI to all you wonderful people well here it is time to get the
Jan.-Feb. issue out and its still November funny how things are to
be up to date anymore you must keep two months ahead of everything,
one of these days we’ll meet ourselves coming back. Did you
ever notice though, that’s how it is with everything, in the
sweltering heat of summer, they have the fur coats out and the snow
suits displayed and in October all the Christmas items are out
Santa doesn’t come at Christmas anymore, he gets here before
Thanks-giving (in the stores) he probably doesn’t want to miss
the big football games. I don’t know, sometime I just wonder
how it would be to do things closer to the Big Day. I’ll tell
you one fella though that never worries about getting there on time
the stork I must admit he advertises in plenty of time and
sometimes he keeps with the modern trend and gets there a few weeks
early, but as a rule dates or speed don’t mean a thing to him
jet age or not. Sometimes I wish I could hold back time a little,
not really, but just till I catch up with the fast moving world.
Because right now besides the IRON-MEN Family and the Branyan
family duties, my daughter and I are participating in a 3-act play
which while it is fun is also quite time consuming. You may get a
chuckle if I tell you I’m supposed to be a high school senior
in the play (having a rough time hiding the bulges, etc, but
anything for the good old P-TA). Also a Mardi Gras this week
sponsored by our Civic Club and we’re helping with a table
there two nights. Too much going on but all for good causes, the
money from this will help buy some new books for the New High
School Library. Also our football team, on which our son plays
Varsity end, has gone the whole season with no defeats and
haven’t even been scored upon we have one more game to go you
can imagine the tension mounting with each day. Then too, my
husband just had a vacation the past two weeks, and we went to the
Grand Canyon near Wellsboro, Pennsylvania for two days (while a
very brave friend of mine kept the four children). And to get to
the more serious side( it was a very beautiful trip. The leaves and
countryside in the northern part of Pennsylvania are more advanced
than right around here and it is a sight that leaves you
breathless. I never feel closer to God, than when I look at
something so beautiful as this. I imagine the Grand Canyon in
Arizona is beyond verbal description. I am so thankful that
I’ve been privileged to be able to see and feel the
wonderfulness of God’s blessing, for I know I take so many
things for granted in this life, but once in awhile when you stand
,and gaze at the beauty of the mountains or ocean, etc., it’s
like new life flowing into you and you are grateful for

We are getting reports on the Steam Reunions and if yours
didn’t get in yet, don’t be discouraged as it takes time to
get to all of you. Heard from Eugene A. Hake, of Stage Road, R. D.
2, Akron, New York, recently and he says, ‘We have been
promoting the idea of a Steam Organization in this locality in the
formation of a social group for those interested in this form of
recreation.’ Good luck, Gene, hope you make it. I’m sure
this type of organization is not known of too much in that

Heard from H. L. Kendig who tells us they were in Enola in
September, and to the Threshermen’s Picnic at Williams Grove.
Their daughter lives in the vicinity hereabouts. Shucks, why
didn’t you stop and say ‘Hello’ to us.

I don’t know what you folks want me to write in my column,
sometimes I feel I’m not writing as I should, but fortunately
I’ve had no complaints. I just write what I feel I know of just
hope you don’t get tired of me. Try this poem for size

When the weather suits you or not, Try smiling;
When the coffee isn’t hot, Try smiling;
When your neighbors don’t do right, Or your relatives all
Sure it’s hard, but then you might, Try smiling;
Doesn’t change the things of course, Just smiling;
But it cannot make them any worse, Just smiling,
And it seems to help your case, Brightens up a gloomy place;
Then it sort o’rests your face,
Just smiling.

Bye bye for this time and keep smiling through the New Year,
won’t you

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