| January/February 1972

Gee, we had so many nice letters complimenting us on the last issue of Iron-Men Album Makes us feel real good and we'll put forth all effort to keep it as interesting as you say it is.

A. L. RENNEWANZ, New Rockford, North Dakota 58356 wrote: 'It's been quite some time since I have written on any subject must make comment on cover picture of Nov.-Dec. 71 issue. I have attended a number of the American Threshermans Shows at Pinckneyville, Illinois and southern Illinois is Keck-Gonnerman country. The below picture (which was taken on the fairgrounds where the show is held). We see two good-looking Keck-Gonnerman engines right up front Number 1787 and Number 1788. Coincidence? Not only that, but Ole 1788 which has been Coat of Arms you might say for 'Soot in the Flues.' Now, might we sometimes have a picture of the Gentleman peering into the smoke-box of Ole 1788? Show, de man widde big cigardare ya-How about it, huh?'

Don't dare us too far A. L. sometimes it's better to let things as they are-thanks for your interest anyhow and for recognizing the engine. You might be surprised if he (?) turns around.

And NOAH WENGERD, R. D. 1, Box 237, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania 15552 wrote: 'The Nov.-Dec. issue is so interesting I can hardly quit reading it-and such good pictures someone still has good ones. But the old-timers never write enough go until it is real interesting then quit. Keep up the good work. One thing nice about your magazine-no quarreling like some have of course you have to have different views and so on.'

Thanks Noah, we understand your interest.

There were quite a few more letters praising the Nov.-Dec. issue. And we all thank you for taking the time to tell us you like our ALBUM.