| January/February 1974

Hi There to each one of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And I really mean it, but you know right now it's only the beginning of November and its even hot outside and it just doesn't seem the Christmas Season yet -and I do have some of the Christmas shopping done and plans for the upcoming weeks - I guess what I'm trying to say is in working with publications as these magazines, we must project our thoughts a few months ahead when writing - but by now you know me pretty well and I have to come out and tell you what I think - like it isn't Jan-Feb. now and I have to sit here and pretend it is - as far as wishing you to be happy and have a good future I feel that every issue. But I can't even smudge this column with cookie crumbs, or tinsel from the tree - cause I just haven't gotten that far yet, let alone think of the New Year thoughts and inspirations with which I should be encouraging you.

One thing, we won't be using the mass lights this year as we have at all other times - it will seem strange, but I think when we are faced with problems such as we are now encountering with fuel, power and etc. we should as individuals do our bit. I think when these shortages arise, some folks think, 'Oh Well, I'm just one person, it won't matter if I use this' - or go zooming along as usual, in their car with nary a thought of the gasoline we're consuming and are supposed to be conserving by just cutting back on our speed. But that's wrong-for its a project we should all work at individually and then it ends up as a team effort of all pulling together to fight our plights - are you going to help? You've heard the saying 'He's only a drop in a bucket' - well if drop after drop fills the bucket - if we could all be considered as 'just a drop in the bucket' - and all worked together after while the bucket would be full of success in solving a problem. And at this point I 'd rather be a 'drop' than a 'drip' and don't even comment on that one!

And now, onto much more interesting reading from our wonderful members of the Iron-Men Album family!

BOB EHRET, 311 S. Main Street, Goshen, Indiana 46526 is restoring an Aultman Taylor, sun-flower clutch gear that has a steam gauge of 1878. Does anyone know the true colors of this engine. Bob is interested in hearing from you.

JERRY KEHR, R. R. 3, Box 169-B, Goshen, Indiana 46526 is restoring a Bevel gear drive steam tractor. He would like to know how it was painted when new. Also, where can he find the serial number? On the front smoke box there is a number 984 - would that be it? (He would very much appreciate hearing from you partners out there in Steam Land).

NEIL BRADY BROWNE, 3940 Discovery Drive, Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada regretfully sends this news: 'The 45 ton Lima 'Shay' locomotive at the Elk Falls Co. mill of CZ Canada is being replaced by a diesel engine this fall. The fate of the steam engine is unknown at present, but I earnestly hope someone will build a tight shed for it and properly preserve it.'