| January/February 1983

Hi! to all our great members of the Iron-Men Family and I don't know what's in it for you and me, but best wishes for '83!

Looking back over the year we have had hilltop and valley experiences. A few of the hilltop joys were the graduation of our youngest off spring incidentally, he picked up his diploma June 10, forty years to the day I received mine; we celebrated a 40th Wedding Anniversary and were completely surprised with a beautiful party given in our honor by our five children at a nearby restaurant with many friends attending; we do not travel much, but we went on a trip to Canada for five days with a bus load of good friends we had a ball and thoroughly enjoyed God's beautiful scenery and beautiful people; and of course, many, many tremendous blessings throughout the year just seeing the faces of loved ones and being able to live each day with a freedom we still cherish.

Since the New Year is upon us I'd like to lend this story to you to read. It's solemn, but wise, enjoy it. It is called The Rainbow.

The late William T. Ellis once described the Niagara River as 'a parable of the beautifying of disaster.' The Niagara River is not one of the great rivers of the world. Running from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, it is only a few miles long. But what makes the river significant is that at Niagara Falls there is a tragedy in the channel a break in the even flow of the stream, so that the waters make a stupendous leap into the gorge below. As they are shattered and bruised on the rocks beneath the falls, however, there is cast up into the sunlight the exquisite rainbow of the Niagara, which even kings and queens come from the ends of the earth to see.

Life is like that. Suddenly we have to make a blind leap of faith into an overwhelming abyss of suffering. Completely shattered on the cruel rocks of reality, our emotions are churned into a seething foam of bewilderment. But out of our distresses there is cast up the sunlight of God's love, a rainbow of penitence, hope and trust a radiance in the midst of our tears. Edwin T. Dahlberg, from Wellsprings of Wisdom Ralph L. Woods.

I'm sure each year we face valleys and mountain tops we have to remember our faith when these things happen. And we must try to put the valley episodes out of our mind and trust God to go on that's why we talk mostly about the good things that happen to us. I'm sure you all understand of what I'm speaking.