| January/February 1984

REMEMBER The value of time. The success of perseverance. The pleasure of working. The dignity of simplicity. The worth of character. The power of kindness. The influence of example. The obligation of duty. The wisdom of economy. The virtue of patience. The improvement of talent. The joy of originating Bulletin.....I just thought if you have no idea as to which paths to follow in 1984the above might give you a few suggestions. I'm sure I can improve in most of the areas.

As always I am amazed to realize another year is almost history. As I prepare this writing though, it is still October and we have the whole Holiday Season around and before us but that is business and progress we have to be way ahead of due dates of issue of magazine so many folks don't realize that, and I suppose until I was involved, I didn't either. I had many things I wanted to get in about the Holiday Season but this is the New Year issueso look ahead to the brand new year and I guess we all wonder What's in store in '84and I also believe perhaps we don't know that answer except day by day. And on to the letters...

An interesting letter comes from FRANCIS J. CARDAMONE, president of Iron-Age Machine Museum, 160 Canal Street, Staten Island, New York 10304. He writes: 'I am developing a museum which will be dedicated to late 19th Century, early 20th Century trade industrial machinery. My ten year plan is to set up a working museum of restored machines on line with shafting and pulleys so that people can see and appreciate the trade work done by Americans around the turn of the century.'

'I am trying to locate machines of the woodworking, foundry, metal working, including sheet metal and tinsmithing; stone cutting and masonry; printing and bookbindery; glass working including bevelling and grinding; blacksmithing, electrical generators and lighting equipment and other items of greater or lesser obscurity.'

'Phase one is acquisition and restoration, no actual displays yet, but that will come in time.'

(We'll be looking to hear more about your museum efforts, Francis. Please keep us informed. Meanwhile, we hope the IMA Family will be helpful to you in your endeavors.)