| January/February 1988

I'm going to begin this column with a Christmas story. I know it is the first of the 1988 year issue, but I also know you get it a month before that, and this story is good for any year. It leaves us with a lot to be thankful for and perhaps with some inspiration to shape up a little ourselves in the New Year. This story is called Sit Next to Me, Please, by Robert Rockwell, and is taken from Guideposts Christmas Treasury.

'It was dark when we arrived at the home for boys one evening several years ago, but there was enough light to see the eager youngsters crowded on the porch and inside the doorway. Parentless boys, or one-parent boys, they were. With avid interest they watched our approach. But the forty-mile drive had been a tiring one in heavy traffic after a strenuous work day. Frankly, I wasn't too happy about the whole thing.

The trips were projects of our local Kiwanis Club. The last time I had been asked to make this trip, I made an excuse, reasoning to myself, 'I send them a check each month. It isn't necessary to put in an appearance at the banquets.' However, the time had come when excuses wouldn't do, and it was embarrassing to refuse. I was a board member and board members were expected to attend.

'Going to join us tomorrow night?' came the inevitable inquiry from a friend.

'Why, yes, Bill. May I pick you up?'

I did. And here we were at the home.