| January/February 1989

Now I know we are still in 1988 when you get this, but before too long we'll be in to 1989I for one will be rather glad to see 1989I don't like to rush the time away, but it's been a hectic year for us. Ed was in the hospital three times this year and I was in two times, but I'm thankful to say we are now on the mend and looking forward to each new day and the joys and whatever else that may be ahead. I think they are making the years shorter, you know everything else is fast fast foods, fast lane, fast cars, fast planes and fast years. I wonder if anyone of us is keeping up with this fast world. You know you've seen that old saying, 'Take time to smell the flowers!' Do we? Do you? Do I? Not enough times, I fear. So, as we go into 1989, let's keep this in mind try to get the most out of every day, watching grandchildren is one of our greatest delights and we don't live too far from them. They never cease to amaze me, I think little ones are a joy if you just take the time to look and not hurry so as they grow they are most interesting and bright and we can learn from them.

When you get this, I hope you are into a Happy Holiday Season and really enjoying it and the true meaning. My Blessings to all of you and do be careful of the resolutions you make or don't make. Love you all and have a Happy New Year.

I'll get on with the communications now as I know you folks do so enjoy the readers' letters...

This communication comes from RUSSELL O. CASHION, Director, Kentucky Threshermen, 720 Bell Road, Antioch, Tennessee 37013. 'In the last issue of the Iron-Men Album, Ellsworth Thorene of Minnesota wanted to know about our reference to the Bell Witch (old Kate) in our ads for the Tennessee-Kentucky Threshermen's show which we have each year in July. Our 1989 show will be our 20th. We will have a director of our show who gives a narration of the legend of the Bell Witch.

There is so much to the legend that it would be bigger than the magazine. There are several good books printed on the Bell Witch so I will touch on it briefly.

In the early 1800s in rural Robertson county, Tennessee, near Adams, lived the John Bell family. Legend has it that John Bell was haunted, harassed, tormented and whatever else by Old Kate until his death and she, Old Kate, was supposed to have killed him.