| January/February 1992

Hi! I am so delighted, my heart is singing and, at least for now, I can see prayers being answered. I just hope and pray the mail keeps coming in. We have had some wonderful responses in mail since my last plea for communications and I really did feel my part in this magazine was about over. So I'm cautiously overjoyed with the letters from some wonderful folks and I'm just going to believe there will be more of the same for the year 1992.

I have just a short parable to start the New Year as I've so often used these writings from Wellsprings of Wisdom by Ralph L. Woods: It is called Community. A preacher in a rural community heard that a man in his parish had announced that he would no longer attend church services because he had decided he could commune with God just as easily in his fields and garden and among his trees.

One autumn evening the preacher called on his reluctant parishioner and for a while the two men sat before the blazing fireplace saying little or nothing, and not a word about church attendance. The man waited uneasily for the preacher to broach the subject. The preacher was aware that he would be expected to rebuke the man.

Finally the preacher picked up the tongs, lifted a single glowing coal from the fire and set it down on the hearth, and silently waited until the coal quickly ceased burning while the other coals in the fire continued to burn brightly. 'You see what happens,' said the preacher.

'You need say no more,' replied the man. 'Man cannot live alone. I'll be at church next Sunday.'

And now onto the wonderful communications that make this column and please if you wanted to write and think you can't, please don't feel that way as all you need do is just write what you would say to me if you were telling me something. It doesn't have to be fancy, beautiful handwriting or well composed, just legible, so take a pen, pencil or typewriter and WRITE! All the readers will appreciate it too. I'll be waiting for the mail!