| January/February 1996

Happy New Year!! We hope you're all well and winterized, and looking forward to the next 12 months of restoration and steaming up.

In the long winter months ahead, won't you take pen in hand and drop us a line? We look forward to your letters and inquiries, as do your fellow readers. And who knows? You just might be able to get in touch through 'Soot in the Flues' with someone who can help you solve your stickiest problem, or who just turns out to be a fascinating person to correspond with. Many 'pen pals' have found each other through this column!

You'll notice at left, on the magazine's masthead, a few name changes. Linda Sharron is now Linda Weidman; she's been married for quite some time, but just never changed her name in print. She was inspired to finally make the change when Gail Knauer changed her name to Gail Anderson, having been married on October 21, 1995. Gail's new husband, Kelly, is machine shop foreman at the Strasburg Rail Road, where he gets to tear steam locomotives apart and rebuild them all day long, and they pay him for it!! Nice work if you can get, huh fell as? Anyway, even though the names have changed, we're still the same Linda and Gail you've talked with or written to in the past.

We received several nice letters this month let's move on to them now, shall we?

ADRIENNE McCOMBIE, W9572 City Highway I, Willard, Wisconsin 54493, writes: 'I have in my possession what I think may be an antique farm machine. It's a McCormick Dee ring International ensilage cutter, metal wheels, wooden slots on the conveyor, has an engine.

'Number on the machine is as follows: 1060L-Side, 1052L-Top, 1034L. Any information on its status will be appreciated.'