| January/February 1997

Well, for this issue, we are grateful to have lots of letters and a great deal of pictures, as well. We thank all of you who have taken the time and made the effort to write to us this month, and now we'll go right to those letters:

OPLE B. SWARTZ, RR 2, Box 300, Muncy, Pennsylvania 17756-9336, writes: 'I receive the Baer's Almanac every year. In the 1996 book I found a source for steam traction engines.

'I have lived on a farm for 60 years which my husband's parents owned. They and my husband have passed away. When I cleaned the attic I found this piece of equipment, made of brass, and am sending you a picture of it. It has E.C. or C.C. Brown Company on it with 8 or 2-48 or 4B on it. I heard my father-in-law tell of working on a thrasher machine run by a steam engine. As you can see, the piece has three holes and is hollow on the inside. There's a hole on both sides, with one hole on top of one side that a rod or pipe could screw into it. Can anyone identify this piece?'

EDWIN BREDEMEIER, RR 1, Box 13, Steinauer, Nebraska 68441-9755 says, 'Enclosed is a picture of a steam engine water wagon. Can anyone identify its make? It has some brown paint on the axles, hub cap numbers 683, and axle skeins are number 1164 with an R and 1165. No other marks. Thanks.'

We also have this from A. MORK, 5439 264th Street, Wyoming, Minnesota 55092-9023, 'Some thoughts now that the last show has ended in this area.

'First, thanks to the volunteers for their many hours of work.I haven't seen a show that wasn't at least good, but perhaps a couple of my thoughts would make them even more enjoyable.