Husbands, wives and steam engines

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Well here it is June, July, August, September – just about the time when all over the nation, steam enthusiasts are feeling fine!

I’m sure there’s many a fan right now, checking over the old Steam Engine inspecting it here, checking it there, and giving it plenty attention. For it’s important you know, that she looks her best, even though she’s not your ‘best gal’ She’s part of you, yes, and beautiful too, but I’d say she’s more like a Pal.

For when the day of the Reunion is here you want her to look just right If she runs just so, and looks real sharp will fill your heart with delight. Some of these fine engines will go chugging proudly down the road, While others must be brought to fair on a large truck bed-and Brother what a load! And when the day of activities begin and you gab with Tom Mac and Joe How your engine does this and their engines do that but deep within you you know no matter how wonderful the other engine may look or how well it may meet the test, you know when all the results are in win or lose YOU’VE still got the BEST.

Now I know time flies and you don’t like to leave your steam engine baby a minute, but I tell you Beware! Check on Wifey, so fair or (The Dog House) you might be in it! Now ma tries to be understanding and loyal, would admit your Engine love sometimes is a riddle And no woman I know, if truthful she be, would admit she likes second fiddle.

We all know too you men the Engine’s the THING and you’re having the time of your life, but try to be fair and a few minutes share in the events that interest your wife. Hobby displays, quilting bees, and ‘shows’ of days gone by booths of hand-work, ceramics and wares are some of the things you’ll spy, and among the displays, we’re sure of interest you’ll find, one to suit any male’s mood, are the stands most frequented by all and the smell of delicious FOOD.

Now the better half’s happy, your stomach is full and everything is just right, so you mend your way for the best of the day back to the wonderful (site-sight). On the teeter-totter’s Cy, a wonderful guy, and coming up next Luke McGoun, better hurry on by, get the engines fired up, cause you’re name will be coming up soon, then after the contests are over for now, you chat a bit in the shade but not for long, for you notice the throng, is all ready for the Big Parade.

So you climb aboard your engine fair, and you find your place in line and as you follow around the parade grounds, you’re having a wonderful time. And when you’re passing the happy crowd, a familiar face you see, she looks at you, with eyes full of pride and you’re happy as can be! And these are the things that keeps life worth while and makes the long winter’s bright, So let’s thank God for our MEMORIES, a blessing that makes life so right.

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