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Hi Dear Friends and Steam Buffs the column will be rather short
as I’ve been told to ‘hustle my bustle and get my column in
a little early’. And, while I’ve been pretty good for a 44
year old grandmother of two, awaiting the arrival of the third
grandchild supposedly due April 19th, you’ll have to forgive me
if I goof a bit. I do believe my thoughts get carried away a bit at
times trying to keep ‘grinning and bearing’ the suspense
that goes with these overdue Blessed Events.

Then too, Keli, age 12 was in a Spelling Bee at school and out
of three finalists, she was second. Then we had to go to another
school one Saturday for a test of 100 written words and there were
about 250 contestants. She made it through that one and then we had
to go to Harrisburg to the William Penn Museum auditorium where 52
semi-finalists had a spell down to ten finalists. She did not make
that, was 27th to go down on a word I still can’t spell so
won’t try it here. We were real proud of her though, The other
two students at her school made it this far also and then had to
end there. Then out of the ten finalists, one was a winner in a
spell-down on T-V the following week. That winner will go to
Washington in June to compete in the Nationals. I think it was a
great experience and these students put a lot of time and effort
into this contest and are to be given a lot of credit as it is

And of course Basketball is still in as we have a summer league
here which is great for the fellows and baseball is started and
then Don in involved in those. Keli made cheerleading which is
Happiness to herwhich makes our supper hour one that must be very
flexible or many times, results in a series of meals.

And of course Tommy is going on five and had to have his
vaccination as his one he had when he was a baby didn’t take.
So, he is coddling his left arm while the rest of his anatomy is
getting the usual scars and bruises a four year old must acquire-I
guess it all goes to making you eligible for kindergarten. So it
goes I’m a happy, busy wife, mother and grandmother and

Father, is-as-usual, running passenger train back and forth to
Phila. and tries to keep out of the clatter of the ‘3-ring
circus at home.’ He says it’s quieter on the engine.

Have a letter here from Edward M. Krbel of Spencer, Nebraska
68777. Ed writes: ‘I am writing about an article on page 42 of
March-April 1969 Iron-Men Album-One Iron Man’s Experience.
About the morning he found the warm gas barrel. I don’t believe
there was any radium involved. I think if they would have closely
examined the barrel, they would have found a little blue flame at
one of the caps on the barrel-just big enough to keep it nice and
warm all night. I enjoy the IMA and GEM.’

Well, thanks for writing Ed, but you have me–as I don’t
quite know what you or the writer is talking about anyhow. I’m
sure the steam men will know though and the old farmers of many
years past. This is just a nice letter and Ed’s belief and not
meant to be a mean criticism.

John A. Hinkle of Route 2, Box 208, East Berlin, Pennsylvania
17316 sends a card stating: ‘The steam engine on page 6 is a
Farquhar Engine, Taylorsville, N. C.’ Thanks John, that is the
only comment on that one.

Lloyd Proctor of 7360 Burton St., Inkster, Michigan 48141 tells
us he enjoys the stereoscope pictures that Mr. Hartman sends into
the Iron Men. He says he has one of those rare old viewers.
(I’m glad he enjoyed them, but right now, we’re out of them
as Mr. Hartman hasn’t sent us anymore. If he does, I’ll see
that they get in.)

And that, dear Friends, is it for this time. I know your are all
packing your bags and trailers, or cars, trucks, engines and etc
and heading for the reunions. See you next issue-have a nice

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