| July/August 1976

Hi! It's that time again-when the steam fiends are out traveling and hitting all the Reunions and Shows and I'm sure, enjoying it thoroughly. And this being the Bi-Centennial year, I imagine the organizations will really outdo themselves in putting on interesting and entertaining events pertaining to the history or our wonderful country. I know, there are many folks who will want to list all the things wrong with this nation, but I for one, still think it's the best country around. I don't think we relize the freedom we have that other countries have never enjoyed. Why can't we point all the good things that are results of this land? I'm all for waving the flag and am still proud of America.

J. M. MIKE POWERS, 309 Cabin Road, S.E., Vienna, Virginia 22180 says: 'I would like to share a bit of useful information I found in a 1903 Engine Guide. RULE FOR FINDING THE PROPER LENGTH OF BELTS - Add the diameter of the two pulleys together; multiply by 3-1/8; divide the product by 2; add to the quotient twice the distance between the centers of the two shafts, and the product will be the required length. (Personally, he lost me after the first two directions).

In the same publication was this advice for the preservation of books: TO KEEP DAMP FROM INJURING BOOKS: A few drops of any perfumed oil will prevent books from being injured by dampness; this remedy was well known and appreciated by the Romans, who used oil of cedra to preserve their valuable manuscripts.

I suppose your readers will have to file this with their store of otherwise useless information since the author did not describe the method of applying the oil. Incidentally, this 73 year old book was in marvelous condition and the faint odor of corriander oil could be detected when the book was opened.' (Thanks Mike, a little bit different talk, and note worthy).

JAMES W. CHANDLER, 54 Taylor Street, Frankfort, Indiana 46041 writes us on an explosion of long ago.

'I have a table full of mail from Jan.-Feb. IMA. Also many phone calls from as far away as California.