| July/August 1980

Hi dear Iron-Men Family I guess by now you have your itinerary pretty well filled, what shows you will attend and why?? And this year I'll bet the gas usage will alter many schedules but I'm sure it won't stop folks from getting to the reunions. Time does fly fast though, truthfully does it seem a year since you started on your trek last year?? And don't forget to get the show reports in as soon as possible we much prefer show reports after the shows. Sometimes people are offended because we don't put in a write-up before the events, but we just can't do that have one before and one after so as I said we much prefer the report after the big events and as I've mentioned before, try and remember the little incidents that happen that bring a smile or a tear or a good belly laugh we too are as interested in the little things that make life worthwhile as well as the descriptions of machines, engines, etc.

Our first letter this time deals with a complaint it comes from MAJOR DAVID McDAVIS, or DAVID W. DAVIS (can't make out which one) 295 E. Marshall Bl., San Bernardino, California 92404 and he writes: 'For over a year I have, as well as many of my fellow collectors, had a gripe regarding your classified ads. It seems there is a trend by those paying for an ad to leave their price out. This indicates to all I have asked, and myself, to believe their price is so ridiculous they are ashamed to have it printed. It also leads to unnecessary correspondence and phone calls (all long distance) in those items one has an interest in. I personally have the habit of passing over all ads listed without a price in your For Sale area, this leaves about 10% which I bother to read.

I believe it would be to your interest to run this in your ad column where those taking out ads can get an idea of their ad reception to the average reader.' (This is not necessarily the views of this publication, we just wanted to print it so you readers may read it.) (Personally, I do not agree with the reason David states why people do not indicate the price. BUT we would not want to dictate to them that they have to list a price. I'm sure they have their own valid reason for not stating a price.)

MICHAEL FITZMAURICE, 3480 Tuttle Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44111 is thinking of building a car powered by steam. He would like to know if anyone could offer some help, ideas or suggestions on how to get started on this project. He would be happy to hear from you.

RAY GLASRUD, 531 Avenue D, Billings, Montana 59102 is seeking help: 'At one time past, I came into possession of a poster from The Farm Quarterly, published at 22 East 12th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. The folder advertised two books, namely, 'The Good Old Days' and 'The Good Life.'

From late correspondence, I learned The Farm Quarterly ceased publications and the receiver wrote that none of the former two books were now available.