| July/August 1983

Hi! to our wonderful I.M.A. Family - big summer coming up and Reunions just about to be in full swing throughout the next four months and I know you are all ready and anxious to get steamed up! Don't forget and let us hear about your little notes of interest as well as the biggies.

Recently my hubby and I attended my High School Class Reunion a belated 40th which means almost 41st - what a time - it was great! We've had one big reunion when we were out 25 years, but some of them didn't get to that one and made it this time. We only had a class of 60 when I graduated and there were 32 of the class there and more with the mates and guests. Funny though how so many of them really changed, except a couple of us around here (Ha Ha). Isn't it fun and a joy though to relive some of the school days (daze)? Some people will never attend class reunions, but we love them; but then we love people. In June we're attending Ed's 48th - they had one at 45 years and liked it so much they decided to have one in between 45 and 50th - and we're ready to go. Who knows now that we have more time, perhaps we'll keep in better touch with some of them.

Time for one of my Wellsprings of Wisdom stories from the book of Ralph L. Woods. This one is called Man's Dream and Destiny and titled The Greater Fool. A potentate of ancient Asia presented his court jester with a beautifully wrought wand and said: 'Keep this until you find a greater fool than yourself.' The jester good-naturedly accepted the emblem of magic and flourished it on special occasion. Some years later the ruler was dying and asked to see the jester, of whom he had grown fond.

'I wanted to say goodbye; I am going away on a long journey.'
'Where are you going to?'
'I have no idea.'
'How long will you be gone?'
'That I can tell you it is forever. I know nothing more about this journey I am about to take.'
'What have you done about providing for your well-being on this great trip?' asked the jester.
'Nothing whatever,' replied the king. 'There is nothing to be done.'
'Since that is the way you feel,' said the jester, 'take this wand. You are the one to whom I should give it.'

And now on to our communications: 'After seeing one of your magazines I had to write,' says BLAIR T. GRUBE, 100 Kissick Lane, Freeport, PA 16229. 412-295-3526.

He continues: 'You know there are bigger engines!! (Yes, we do, Blair, but go on.) I moved a 50 HP Bessemer from Worthington, Pa. to Porterville, 35 miles. This engine is approximately 17' long and weighs 10 tons. It is one piece base with a compressor built into it. Your book kind of talked up a 25 HP which really would be dwarf to 'Bessie'. (We love stories about all sizes.)