| July/August 1985

Hi! to all my good friends out in Steam Engine Land I guess you are all geared up for the big season ahead... I'll bet the autos have been checked, as well as the show engines, the trailers, campers and any other mode of transportation to each of you. And remember, as you pick up your Album, think of me I've been your friend for 28 years come this September and have enjoyed every minute of it.

And now, I've just got to share a joy with you. My birthday was April 5 (the big 60) and on that day my daughter Keli and granddaughters came with a cake and present in the afternoon. That evening the other three children came by and we all made homemade ice cream, my favorite dish. I thought that in itself was great. The next day I went down to Keli's to baby sit the two granddaughters and as I opened the door there four of the five children and families were snapping my picture as I came in.. .Surprise!! It certainly was I still can't get over it. They had prepared a beautiful table of food to last all day as they had open house from 2 to 6 and invited many of my friends who just dropped in all day long. I surely don't know how I'm so lucky, but I praise the Lord for unexpected love gifts such as this. Just thought you would like to share with me.

Another tale from Wellsprings of Wisdom entitled 'The Cheater'. A baker in a small town regularly bought a fairly large amount of butter from a neighboring farmer. One day the baker suspected the butter was not the weight he ordered and paid for. His scales confirmed his suspicion. Thereafter the baker weighed all the butter from the farmer and found he was getting less and less than he paid for. Finally he had the farmer arrested on a charge of fraud.

At the trial it was revealed that the farmer had no scales. The astonished judge asked the farmer how he could weigh the butter without scales.

'It's this way, Judge,' said the farmer. 'When the baker began to buy butter from me I began to buy bread from him. I buy this one pound loaf and I always use that as the weight from my butter. So, if the weight of my butter is wrong it is only because the weight of his bread is wrong. If I have been cheating him it is only because he has been cheating me.'

'Case dismissed!' said the judge. (Don't you just love that?)