| July/August 1986

Hi, Wonderful Friends of so many years another chance for me to greet you and share your excitement as you trek the highways to the reunions and shows and please don't forget to share the happiness of the trips and miles that you travel this summer of 1986.

Before we get into the letters, I have a story from Wellsprings of Wisdom entitled 'The Sparrow'. (It's more about love, though):

'I was returning from hunting, walking along the avenue of the garden, my dog running in front of me. Suddenly she took shorter steps, and began to steal along as though tracking game.

'I looked down the avenue, and saw a young sparrow, with yellow about its beak and down on its head. It had fallen out of the nest (the wind was violently shaking the birch trees in the avenue) and sat unable to move, helplessly flapping its half-grown wings.

'My dog was slowly approaching it, when, suddenly darting down from a tree close by, an old dark throated sparrow fell like a stone right before his nose, and all ruffled up, terrified, with despairing and pitiful cheeps, it flung itself twice towards the open jaws of shining teeth.

It sprang to save; it cast itself before its nestling all its tiny body was shaking with terror, its note was harsh and strange. Swooning with fear, it offered itself up!