| July/August 1988

Hi! Dear friends and family of Iron Men Album, this is your time of year, isn't it? I know you are in your glory packing and shining up the engines and eager to see what the summer of 1988 has in store for all the steam and gas engine buffs. And don't forget after all the fun, new friendships, and the acquiring of news and new items, don't forget when you are packing to come home to pack up some great stories and memories to bring back with you and then send some to me and we can share with the IMA family.

This item came to my attention and I thought it most important to pass along to my IMA family. All the time, our representatives in the Congress of the United States receive many interesting letters. This one concerns open competition for both producers and consumers of our great nation and of course, the foreign competition. Personally, I think it is great to have trade relations, but sometimes I wonder if we don't abuse this system. For while we like to support our country, we find sometimes merchandise from other countries consumes quite a bit of our trade and does not do much to help the workers in our country. I think you understand what I am saying. I found this item quite clever and it is entitled Only In America:

'He drove his German car made of Swedish steel and Argentine leather to a gasoline station, where he filled up with Arab oil shipped in a Liberian tanker and bought two French tires, composed of rubber from Sri Lanka.'

'At home, he dropped his Moroccan briefcase, hung up his Scottish tweed wool coat, removed his Italian shoes and Egyptian cotton shirt, then donned a Hong Kong robe and Taiwan slippers.'

'More comfortable now, he poured a cup of hot Brazilian coffee into an English coffee mug, set a Mexican placemat on an Irish linen tablecloth atop a Danish table varnished with linseed oil from India. He filled his Austrian pipe with Turkish tobacco and picked up a Japanese ballpoint pen with which he wrote a letter to his congressman asking support for measures to protect American industry from imports.'

Isn't this a gem? I think it may be a bit exaggerated but I know for sure I bet every American home has quite a few imports amid our American dwellings. I thought you would enjoy it. And now, on to our letters.