| July/August 1989

Hi! To all our dear friends and enthusiasts of the bygone years of the steam engines on the farm. And this is the time when everything pertaining to the reunions will be in full swing and the engine buffs will be in their glory. I wish you all a wonderful season and enjoyment as you reminisce with your old pals and probably meet some wonderful new friends.

I often use my Wellsprings of Wisdom book to relate some of these very interesting stories, by Ralph Woods, stories of men encountering God, life and themselves. Sparkling messages presented in parables that capture life's lasting values. The one this time is called HUMILITY.

A tired farmer, oppressed by the noonday heat, sat under a walnut tree for some rest, and as he sat there he looked at his pumpkin vines and said to himself, 'God is really very foolish and inexperienced. He puts big heavy pumpkins on a frail vine that has so little strength it has to lie on the ground. And then he puts small walnuts on a big tree with branches that can hold a man. Any man could do better than that!

Just then a breeze dislodged a walnut from the tree under which the farmer sat, and the walnut fell on the critic's head. The old man rubbed his head ruefully and said, 'It's a good thing there wasn't a pumpkin up there instead of a walnut.'

And now on to our communications. We have quite a few pictures this time and a lengthy article that I think you will find very interesting. Thank you folks, and please keep the letters and pictures coming to us. These articles and snapshots are what makes the magazine so interesting.

MIKE HALL, 44W059 Empire Road, St. Charles, Illinois 60175 needs help from the Iron-Men Gang: 'I'm restoring a toy electric motor for a friend of mine and one of your Gas Engine Magazine contributors, namely Jim Gehringer. I've recently hit a snag, and could use your help.