| July/August 1992

Hi! Dear friends and I need not ask most of you what you are doing or planning, for with this time of year, I'm sure you have your maps out and many plans made for the happy treks to the wonderful get-togethers where all the steam and gas engine folks will be happily visiting with each other and comparing notes and eyeing up all the engines. I know you will have a great time and I hope I get some letters back with a lot of reports and good homespun stories to keep us all reading the ALBUM.

I do want to tell youI'm grateful for all the letters coming in, and please don't be disappointed if your letter isn't in right away. I'm just so glad to have more than can be printed in just one column. Please keep up the good work. I welcome all your communications.

Another inspirational story comes from Well Springs of Wisdom, by Ralph L. Woods. This one is entitled, 'The Finger of God':

The chaplain in a hospital was asked by a nurse to visit a man in room number 24, who was dying. The clergyman called on the young man and was surprised to find him sitting up in bed smoking and reading. The patient told the chaplain that he was in fine shape and was leaving the hospital the next day, and anyway needed no chaplain as he rejected religion.

The chaplain continued to chat with the man and gently persisted, and as a result, the young man then and there abandoned his pose of indifference and made his spiritual peace.

The next day the nurse said to the chaplain, 'The man in room number 34 with whom you spent some time yesterday is much better this morning.' 'I didn't visit the man in 34 yesterday,' replied the chaplain. 'You told me to visit 24 and I did!' How strange!' exclaimed the nurse. 'The man in number 24 suddenly died during the night.'