| July/August 1995

'It is with great sadness that I sit down to write this letter. I have been receiving IMA for some twenty years, and the first article I read was 'Soot in the Flues.''

'Over the years I have come to feel that I knew Anna Mae very well and hoped that someday, someplace we would meet. Her writing created a stir in me and she felt like a member of my family. I, like all of you, feel a great loss.'

'This is my first writing, although I did write a letter when Anna Mae was talking about having to pack it in if she did not receive any more letters. However, mine never got mailed. I think now I will try to look for it, change it a little and send it to you as a tribute to her.'

'Again, my heartfelt sympathy to all at IMA.'

W. LIONEL SMITH, P.O. Box 512, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada S6V 5R8.

C. J. NIELSON, 8969 Geraldine Avenue, San Diego, California 92123 writes: 'Reading your 1994-95 book on tractors, engines, threshers, etc. I notice the interest seems to be lessening.