| July/August 1997

Apparently the advent of spring has been a great inspiration to our readers this year! We have lots of letters, arriving by mail, fax, and now even by 'e-mail' as well. We'll get right to them:

JAMES D. MARTIN, 5085 Lincoln Highway, East Gap, Pennsylvania 17527-9613 writes, 'Thank you for all of the fine information that comes through IMA. The first traction engine I ever touched (even drove) was Reverend Elmer Ritzman's four wheel chain drive Birdsall.

'Walter E. Schum used to operate an R R Peerless in his younger days and today we operate a '2' Peerless at Rough & Tumble powering the shingle mill. He sure has taught me a lot. Stop by and say hello to him. By the way, R&T continues to look for information on the Scheidler traction engine made in Newark, Ohio. We especially need technical manufacturing specs. I really did not intend to ramble on but keep up the good work! P. S. I will try to get my daughter, Ellen, an able young engineer, to write more from the female perspective.'

We received this letter from LARRY S. ENGLE, 3018 Cook Road, Fayetteville, Pennsylvania 17222, 'While glancing though my old issues, I realized how much I enjoy seeing all the pictures of different engines. At the same time I thought maybe other readers would enjoy seeing some of the pictures I have taken. So here are a couple. These were all taken within the last ten years at various shows around central Pennsylvania.

'The first picture is Dean Deibert's 60 HP Frick. The engine in the background was Sam Kolva's 23-90 Baker. This was taken at the Gratz Area Antique Machinery Show.

'Picture #2 is Dean Deibert's model Frick engine built mostly from scratch. If I remember right, this model runs at 125 psi and makes 7 HP.